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About Seguro Insurance

About us
Seguro Insurance is founded with one goal in mind: Protect the clients at the most effective cost to them with the safest carriers in the business.  
Question: What is the best insurance policy for you?
Answer: The one that indemnifies you when you have a loss.
Protection for:  Life, Health, Assets. 
Your loved ones are important to you and we work hard to make sure they are protected if you are not there. We also tailor the products to protect your assets from getting taxed before they are passed on to your heirs. Ask us about our asset protection programs through life insurance products.
The high cost of healthcare is the number one reason for Americans filing bankruptcy. There are many solutions available to you and we work hard to ensure we are protecting our clients with the most efficient plans. Sometimes two policies
General Liability policies protect you against losses. Make sure you understand what type of protection you have. Many clients pay for a policy and do not understand what the policy covers and what it does not cover. We make sure our clients understand their policies and the coverage they require.